About GDS


If it’s top drive related, GDS is the source. We offer everything from next generation top drive systems and responsive service to parts sourcing and support. As an API spec 8C licensed facility (license no. 8C-0161), GDS delivers a high level of confidence to the marketplace that we’ll be there with the parts, products, and service you need, when you need it.

More than anyone in the industry, GDS has the depth of knowledge and specialized technical expertise to provide a superior brand of repair and maintenance on a wide variety of the most utilized top drives today; we support top drives from NOV/Varco, Tesco, Canrig, and many others. You won’t find this standard of top drive support anywhere else.

This high standard extends to our own innovative line of top drives, the GDM (Global Drilling Machine) line. These next generation, performance-focused top drives are available in 150 ton through 1000 ton.

In addition, GDS is your go-to source for purchasing used and refurbished top drive systems. Check our website frequently, or contact us directly for top drive availability.

At GDS, being ready means responding quickly with fast-turn repairs, expedited parts ordering, and round-the-clock service. We source capital equipment, consumables, and hard-to-find, critical parts, all at competitive prices. All within your time frame. Because we understand the ultra-critical nature of downtime, we’re focused on getting you the answers and the repairs you need, fast. At GDS, we don’t have layers of management to navigate – we’re here, and ready to respond, the moment you call.