Many operators are now requiring a soft torque rotary drilling system. GDS has the latest Z Torque technology to help reduce drillstring vibration and control RPM of the drillbit resulting in smoother, faster drilling. GDS has successfully installed Shell’s Z Torque and we are ready to help you expand stick-slip free operating envelopes and simplify tool operation.  GDS can install, train, and monitor with this stick-slip mitigation software on all industry standard top drives, including the Global Drilling Machine (GDM). 

Benefits of Z Torque

  • Does not need to be tuned since it seeks to reduce reflection of all torque waves at a broad spectrum of frequencies at the top drive, which aims to reduce the reflection of torsional energy back to the bit and thus reduces the ability of standing waves (or stick slip) to develop. 
  • The system has been shown to be effective at eliminating 1st order stick-slip and reducing 2nd and 3rd order stick-slip.

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