Dyno Testing

Dynamometer testing for your complete Top Drive System. This service ensures your Top Drive is ready to go to work.

  • Houston, TX facility
  • Continuous rotating torque in excess of over 100,000 ft-lbs
  • Experience testing 150-1,250 Ton Top Drives
  • AC/DC and hydraulic Top Drive testing capabilities
  • Trending capabilities for loaded rest run
  • Digital diagnostics
  • VFD and Gen Set on site
  • Over 100 Ton lifting capacity
  • Top Drive and Drawworks testing in parallel
  • Self-erecting test stand

Portable Dynamometer Testing

Let GDS come to you with our portable dyno test stand.

  • Versatile, in-mast or portable stand ability
  • In excess of 30,000 ft-lbs rotating torque
  • Preventative test after repair, pre-spud or after cold stack
  • Units for rent in: United States, Middle East, and Russia

Contact: Jake LaPlante


+1 713 623-1449